Colorectal Cancer Prevention

10 March 2021

Approximately 500,000 people die each year from colorectal cancer worldwide, making this cancer the second leading cause of cancer deaths. However, when detected in early stages, colorectal cancer is a disease with a high cure rate. For this reason, from the age of 50 you should consider colorectal cancer surveillance as an integral part of regular monitoring of your health status.

The innovative Oncolaert test is able to detect the presence in the plasma of a marker that is characteristic of colorectal cancer. For this purpose, it will only be necessary to collect a blood sample that will further be sent to the Infogene laboratory for analysis.

Within about two weeks, you will receive your result. If the marker is detected in your blood sample it means that there is an increased chance for a colorectal cancer diagnosis, in which case you should undergo a colonoscopy for confirmation and start treatment.